General Information

General Information
  • School doors open at 9.00a.m. to 12.00pm.   Please collect on time.
  • Please park in church grounds not at back of school if possible.
  • Drive slowly at all times and respect our grounds. Please comply with the parish’s Eco-Congregation (Environmental) Policy, that car engines should not be left running within the church grounds.   
  • Please wear runners on Tuesday for Zumba and Friday for P.E. 
  • We do not encourage children to bring their own toys to school  
  • ‘Show and Tell’ is on Wednesdays (See Weekly schedule )
  • We operate a Healthy Eating Policy, therefore we encourage fruit, sandwich, and a drink (water preferably). NO pots of yogurts, sweets or crisps please.     We have a child with a nut allergy please do not have peanut butter, nutella etc.     Treat day on Friday.
  •  If your child has been unwell or has an infection e. g (vomiting, upset stomach, tonsillitis or conjunctivitis etc) or has a temperature PLEASE DO NOT bring them to school for at least 48 hours.    Please see School Policy re infection control and time frame for antibiotics.   This is not an exhaustive list, due care and consideration must be given to the other children and staff. 
  • We value Parental involvement, if you wish to discuss anything please do not hesitate to arrange a meeting.
  • There will be a Parent Teacher meeting in February/March.
  • We will observe the progress of each child by monitoring and recording on an ongoing basis.
  • Please take time to read policies and procedures in our school blue file on the shelf in our classroom.
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