Dingka’s is a child-centred school that adheres to Maria Montessori’s principles, where children learn through a range of fun and age appropriate activities. Is it our aim is that each child is treated with respect in a structured classroom setting.
Children experience a learning environment that encourages independence and confidence. We encourage children to work at their individual ability and develop at their own pace.
It is important to us that your child begins their learning journey in a safe setting to encourage life long learning.


Practical Life

 Exercises for practical life are simple Montessori activities which adults perform daily in order to maintain control of the environment in which they live and work.  By imitating the activities, it is the child’s way of adapting to the world around him and constructing reality.


The aim of the Montessori Sensorial is to educate the child’s senses.  This curriculum area contains specific Montessori materials and activities that can help the child refine his or her experience of sight, sound touch taste and smell.


Language Development

The Montessori environment is rich in oral language opportunities, allowing the child to experience. Sandpaper letters help children link sound and symbol effortlessly, encouraging the development of written expression and reading skills.



These activities help children learn and understand the concepts of maths by manipulating concrete materials. 



Montessori cultural materials provide individual activities, which helps the child acquire knowledge in the areas of biology,(planting bulbs, about animals etc)  geography of our world, (the earth, our universe, volcanoes  children in other countries etc) history, (day/week/month etc) and science (floating /sinking, melting etc.)
In addition we provide pre school play activities along with Irish, Music, Art, Crafts, Baking and P.E.

The school is registered with the Department of Education & Skills, Pobal and Tulsa and adheres to the requirements as laid down therein. It is ECCE Grant approved and is informally engaged in Siolta and Aistear.

“To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” Maria Montessori

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